Ascendant Dance Company

Casual Class Info


If you are a passionate individual about dance residing in Melbourne, Ascendant Dance Company is the perfect place for you to explore and unleash your talents as a performer.

Whether you are an absolute beginner who is curious or an advanced dancer who is wanting to expand their skills and practice alongside like minded people, we have the perfect class for you. The casual classes offered at ADC are designed to provide variety in styles and cater to all levels and interest. Join our community of dance lovers and feel at home in our studio as you explore dance!

We strongly believe that everyone has rhythm within them from the way people walk to the way they conduct themselves in day to day activities, which means that dance is something attainable by all people if you just take that first step and explore this platform. Our casual classes for younger dancers and adults alike provide a fun and relaxed environment to learn and develop your dance skills. We offer a large variety of styles and levels of intensity so there is a class for everyone. With the best expertise dance instructors that Melbourne can offer, you also can redefine your potential and elevate your skills as a dancer.


Are there any prerequisites to join classes?

Absolutely not. Our classes are for anyone and everyone who is curious about dance and are wanting to try dancing.

What dance styles do you offer?

We have a variety of dance genres at ADC such as hip hop, open choreography, commercial, kpop, heels and dancehall. There is a style for everyone.

How do I sign up for casual classes?

It is super simple! Just click on our casual classes tab and go to the ‘Book Classes’ page. Alternatively, if this is not for you, you are more than welcome to walk in to the studio and book a class with our lovely receptionists. They will help you out!

What if I can’t attend a class I’ve booked?

Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds, however if you do provide us with more than 6 hours notice that you cannot attend a class, we can transfer your class to the following week.

Why choose ADC for casual classes?

We have the best to offer with expert instructors, frequent class days, a community that will embrace you and provide you a safe space to explore dance with very affordable pricing. Not only that, we are known to frequently provide opportunities to our studio members to partake in classes with renowned International Guest Teachers! What a unique opportunity to sign up for!

Join us today! Redefine your potential alongside Ascendant Dance Company and join a community that inspires growth. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our ‘Contact Us’ form and one of our staff members will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to having you dancing with us at the studio!